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Jeff Bezos kot pomemben član liberalnega establišmenta, je posredno povezan z grajenjem tega populističnega kulta osebnosti od Grete Thunberg.

»Counteracting climate change has become a popular cause for US billionaires in recent years, with Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and hedge fund manager Tom Steyer among the world’s wealthiest environmental philanthropists. Last year, Mr Bezos pledged to make online retailer Amazon net carbon neutral by 2040, making it the first major corporation to announce such a goal. … Mr Bezos said Amazon would meet the goals of the Paris climate accord 10 years ahead of the accord’s schedule and invest $100 million to restore forests and wetlands. … The e-commerce giant has faced protests by environmental activists [”liberalna CIA”] and pressure from its employees [”liberalna CIA”] to take action on climate change, which were inspired by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg. Amazon staff joined hundreds of employees of big technology companies in climate-change marches in San Francisco and Seattle last year, saying their employers had been too slow to tackle global warming and needed to take more drastic action. Amazon was embroiled in further controversy after a report by The Guardian [‘‘liberalna CIA”; tesna povezava z Rothschildi] revealed last month that it had threatened to fire employees for speaking publicly about the company’s role in the climate crisis. Amazon Employees for Climate Justice [‘‘liberalna CIA”], an activist workers group, welcomed the Bezos Earth Fund announcement, but said it did not make up for the company’s consumption of fossil fuels and other activities that contribute to climate change.«1

Amazonovi delavci so septembra 2019 oprizorili stavko po vzoru Grete Thunberg –

»“We’re gonna strike cause the waters are rising, we’re gonna strike cause people are dying,” an Amazon organizer sang into a bullhorn in front of a crowd of around 3,000 at Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle on Friday. Behind him, the Amazon spheres — two geodesic domes reminiscent of Buckminster Fuller’s failed experiment — glinted in the sunlight. Someone held a sign in front of the spheres reading: “Spheres are cool. Don’t wanna live in one.” …
The Amazon climate strike took place on Friday in solidarity with the global youth climate strikes inspired by Greta Thunberg’s “Fridays for Future” movement. “We’re here because of the bravery of a young girl named Greta,” another Amazon speaker said to loud cheers from the crowd.
On Thursday, founder and CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled an ambitious climate plan aimed at reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 — a decade ahead of the deadline laid out in the Paris climate agreement. But employees say that’s not enough.
Henry Lai, a 26-year-old software development engineer who has been with the company for two years, participated in the strike on Friday because he believes in the cause. “We’re out here with the students and what they’re telling us is they really care about the future and their planet’s future,” he said. Of the company’s new climate plan, he said, “It’s good that we’ve got a response finally from Bezos.” He thinks the climate change resolution inspired the company’s CEO to take more decisive action.«2

”Gretin efekt”

»The Greta effect … “I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is,” Thunberg told the World Economic Forum in January in Davos, to which she took a 32-hour train journey from her home in Stockholm. Since then, her carbon-free travel commitment has included a US tour in a Tesla Model 3 Electric Car loaned by Arnold Schwarzenegger [neokonservativni član liberalnega establišmenta in podpornik ”liberalne CIA”], a 15-day sailing voyage from Plymouth to New York, and a second transatlantic crossing in time for this week’s climate demonstration in Madrid. …
Her flight shaming has made waves across the globe. A-listers including designer Diane von Furstenberg (članica liberalnega establišmenta in podpornica ”liberalne CIA”) and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos chose to sail to Google’s (del CFR; del Sun Valley Meetings) climate camp in Italy this summer… Dutch airline KLM recently announced plans to partner with European train companies to replace flights, and French politicians have suggested that some long-haul international routes and domestic flights should be banned outright. According to a recent survey, one in five travellers now flies less for the sake of the planet thanks to “the Greta effect”. …
“I have not met Greta Thunberg, but Greta Thunberg changed my life,” actress and activist Jane Fonda (Rockefellerjeva/ Soroseva feministka) told Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards last month, revealing the teen protester had inspired her to cut single-use plastic, eat less meat and drive an electric car. …
Leonardo DiCaprio (elitni član hollywoodske ”liberalne CIA”) posted a gushing Instagram picture after meeting the teen last month; and two-time Booker Prize winner Margaret Atwood has called her the “Joan of Arc of the environment”.«3

Jeff Bezos – 26.8.2020 po Forbes-u vreden $204 milijarde.4 Študiral je na Princeton University, ter kariero začel kot uslužbenec pri elitni banki Banker’s Trust, kjer je delal na srednjem položaju. Nato je leta 1994 ustanovil podjetje Amazon in že leta 1999 postal udeleženec od elitnih s CIA in Trilateral Commission tesno povezanimi Sun Valley Meetings.

Podjetje Amazon

Uprava od Amazona je tesno povezana z liberalnim establišmentom. Član uprave in zgodnji investitor od Amazon je bil super elitni John Doerr. Tukaj so v ospredju so leta 2022 predvsem General Keith Alexander, Jamie Gorelick, Indra K. Nooyi in Patricia Q. Stonesifer.

  • General Keith B. Alexander
    • član nacionalnega svetovalnega odbora od U.S. Global Leadership Coalition;
    • član od United States Energy Security Coalition (James Woolsey, George Shultz, Wesley Clark, Norman Augustine; Alan Greenspan, William Perry, C. Boyden Gray, James Roche, Harold Brown, Stephen Hadley, T. Boone Pickens);
    • strokovnjak pri National Security Institute (General Michael Hayden; General Jack Keane, Mike McConnell – Booz Allen Hamilton, John M. Moore, Mike Rogers, Michelle van Cleave, David Cohen – CIA, Paul Wolfowitz) – George Mason University;
    • član/strokovnjak pri Homeland Security Expert Group (General Michael Hayden, Michael Chertoff, Jane Harman, John McLaughlin, Admiral Eric Olson, William Webster, Richard Ben-veniste, Janet Napolitano, Frances Townsend) – ex Aspen Homeland Security Group;
    • bil leta 2017 udeleženec od Yalta European Strategy;
    • član od Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity (Thomas Donilon, Sam Palmisano – Microsoft, Ajay Banga, Joseph Sullivan – Uber);
    • član omrežja strokovnjakov od Cypher Brief;
    • član od Homeland Security Advisory Council (William Webster, Jayson Ahern – The Chertoff Group, James Carafano – The Heritage Foundation, Daniel Kaniewski – Marsh & McLennan Companies, John R. Allen, Jane Harman, Chad Sweet – The Chertoff Group, Thad W. Allen – Booz Allen Hamilton);
    • član svetovalne uprave od Middle East Media and Research Institute;  
    • ustanovitelj in generalni direktor od IronNet Cybersecurity;
    • bil direktor od National Security Agency (NSA; Edward Snowden), 2005-2014;
    • bil vodja od Central Security Service (CHCSS);
    • bil poveljnik od United States Cyber Command.
    • Začetni investitor v Alexandrovo podjetje IronNet Cybersecurity je bilo podjetje Kleiner Perkins, s katerim so bili v preteklosti povezani pomembni člani liberalnega establišmenta Al Gore, John Doerr in Colin Powell. Kleiner Perkins pa je bil začetni investitor od, Beyond Meat, Compaq, Google, Netscape, Snap in Twitter. Začetni investitor od IronNet Cybersecurity pa je tudi podjetje ForgePoint Capital, kjer je Keith Alexander skupaj z admiralom Mikeom McConnellom iz Booz Allen Hamilton vladni svetovalec.
    • Alexander je član svetovalne uprave od Telos Corporation, ki je tesno povezano z US Department of Defense.
  • Jamie S. Gorelick
    • članica od Council on Foreign Relations;
    • članica od Trilateral Commission;
    • članica uprave od Carnegie Endowment for International Peace;
    • članica uprave od Urban Institute;
    • bila direktorica od National Legal Center for the Public Interest (American Enterprise Institute – ”konservativna CIA”);
    • bila direktorica od John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
    • članica od Business Executives for National Security;
    • podpisnica od #NoGreaterThreatNuclear Threat Initiative;
    • članica direktorske uprave od United Technologies Corporation;
    • bila članica od Defense Policy Board, 2011-2013; članica od CIA’s National Security Advisory Board, 1997 – ;
    • članica študijske skupine od Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy (Harvad, Stanford in MIT; Ashton Carter, John Deutch, Philip Zelikow, Robert Gates, Fred Ikle, Jospeh Nye, Graham Allison, William Perry, General Jack Sheehan, Robert Zoellick, Ernset May, Vic DeMarines);
    • članica od Threat Reduction Advisory Committee (General Larry Welch, Norman Augustine, General James Clapper, John Deutch, Dr. Ronald Lehman, Rich Wagner, Paul Robinson – Sandia, William Perry, James Schlesinger, Hal Smith, Paul Wolfowitz, Don Kerr – FBI, Philip Odeen, James Tegnelia, admiral Richard Mies);
    • članica od 9/11 Commission (Henry Kissinger, George J. Mitchell, Thomas Kean, Lee Hamilton, John Lehman, Tim Roemer, Slate Gorton, Philip Zelikow);
    • članica od 2005 Summit advisory board – Intelligence Summit (Mikhail Cherney, John Loftus, General Paul Vallely, General Thomas McInerney, James Woolsey, John Deutch, Pauline Neville-Jones, Yoram Hessel – Mossad);
    • članica uprave od Fannie Mae Foundation;
    • članica uprave od Harvard College Board of Overseers;
    • članica uprave od The National Park Foundation;
    • članica od External Advisory Council od BP (del od CFR);
    • bila direktorica od Raytheon Technologies, – 2015.
  • Indra K. Nooyi
    • članica od Trilateral Commission;
    • udeleženka srečanja skupine Bilderberg, 2004;
    • predsedujoča in generalna direktorica od PepsiCo. (del od CFR);
    • članica delovne skupine od Rothschildove Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism;
    • direktorica od US-India Strategic Partnership Forum;
    • članica indijske uprave od U.S.-India Business Council;
    • članica od Strategic and Policy Forum (administracija Donalda Trumpa); članica fundacijske uprave od World Economic Forum;
    • članica uprave od International Rescue Committee;
    • članica uprave od Partnership for Public Service (Norman Augustine, James Baker III, Richard Blumenthal, Erskine Bowles, Kenneth Duberstein, Stephen Heintz, General Paul X. Kelley, John McCain, George Mitchell, Philip Odeen, Leon Panetta, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, George Shultz, John C. Whitehead, Christine Whitman);
    • članica uprave od Catalyst;
    • upraviteljica od Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts;
    • članica uprave upraviteljev od Eisenhower Fellowships;
    • častna so-predsedujoča od World Justice Project;
    • bila direktorica od Schlumberger Limited;
    • bila članica od Temasek Americas Advisory Panel (Timothy Geithner; David M. Cote – Honeywell; Ellen J. Kullman – DuPont; Ronald D. Sugar – Northrop Grumman);
    • članica uprave od Federal Reserve Bank of New York;
    • članica uprave od podjetja Motorola;
    • služi kot Successor Fellow pri Yale Corporation;
    • članica svetovalne uprave od Yale School of Managemen;
    • članica uprave Rockefellerjeve Asia Society;
    • članica uprave od Tsinghua University.
    • Polega tega pa je še Class of 1951 Chair for the Study of Leadership na West Point-u;
    • Dean’s Advisory Council member na School of Engineering – MIT;
    • članica od MIT Corporation.
    • Kot direktorica od PepsiCo., preko podjetja financira Robin Hood Foundation.
  • Patricia Q. Stonesifer
    • članica od Council on Foreign Relations;
    • upraviteljica od Rockefeller Foundation;
    • bila so-predsedujoča in generalna direktorica od Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation;
    • članica uprave od Center for Global Development;
    • članica od Economic Club of Washington;
    • bila višja pod-predsednica od Microsoft (del od CFR; del od Sun Valley Meetings);
    • bila predsedujoča upravi od Smithsonian Institution;
    • bila članica uprave od The GAVI Fund;
    • članica uprave od Broad Institute;
    • bila svetovalka pri DreamWorks SKG;
    • članica uprave od National Museum of African American History and Culture;
    • članica od Champions for the National Council of Young Leaders (del ”liberalne CIA”);
    • bila članica pri ameriške delegacije pri Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS.
  • Judith A. McGrath
    • bila predsedujoča od MTV Networks (del od Sun Valley Meetings), 2004-2011;
    • članica uprave od American Red Cross;
    • članica uprave od Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation;
    • članica uprave od The Global Poverty Project (del ”liberalne CIA”).
  • Rosalind G. Brewer
    • bila direktorica od Lockheed Martin Corporation (del of CFR);
    • bila direktorica od Molson Coors Brewing Company;
    • bila predsednica in generalna direktorica od Sam’s Club – Walmart (del od CFR);
    • glavna izvršna direktorica in direktorica skupine od Starbucks, 2017 – ;
    • članica svetniške uprave od Carter Presidential Center;
    • predsedujoča upravi upraviteljev od Spelman College – Atlanta University Center;
    • bila govornica na TED Conferences.

Kot pomemben član liberalnega establišmenta in podpornik ”liberalne CIA”, pa je Bezos za svoje zaposlene uvedel avtomatiziran sistem nadzorovanja, ki odpusti nedovolj učinkovite delavce –

»Amazon warehouse workers are monitored by tracking systems that measure each employee’s productivity, issue warnings for workers that lag and fire those consistently behind, according to documents obtained by The Verge. … An automated system tracks employees and gives pink slips to consistent underperformers, The Verge reported. … From August 2017 to September 2018, roughly 300 workers at an Amazon fulfillment center in Baltimore lost their jobs because of low productivity. The facility employs about 2,500 full-time employees, putting the turnover rate at about 10 percent annually.«5

Lastnik od Washington Post

Bezos je leta 2013 za $250 milijonov prevzel Washington Post od Warrena Buffetta, tesnega zaveznika družine Rockefeller in pomembne osebe v ozadju od Trilateral Commission preko Coca-Cole in s tem je Buffett tudi pomemben dejavnik od delovanja Sun Valley Meetings, od koder izhaja tudi Bezos, skupaj z ostalimi velikani iz Silicon Valleya, medijev in Hollywooda. Tudi to, da je Bezos prevzel Washington Post od Buffetta verjetno ni naključje, saj je medij s tem prišel v ”prave” roke. Donald Graham, čigar družina ima zgodovinsko vlogo pri Washington Post, pa je bil tudi član uprave od Facebook, še enega pomembnega korporativnega člana od Sun Valley Meetings in tesno povezanega s Council on Foreign Relations. Družina Graham pa seveda, poleg tega, da je zgodovinsko gledano tesno povezana s CIA, je tudi povezana s Sun Valley Meetings, katero sta obiskovala tako Katherine in njen sin Donald, kot tudi bila obiskovalca od Trilateral Commission in Bilderberg Group. Buffettov tesen prijatelj in zaveznik pri Silicon Valley Meetings in The Coca-Cola Company Dennis Keough, je bil tudi dolgoletni član od Trilateral Commission.

Poleg tega pa je član uredniške uprave Washington Post Walter Isaacson, ki je upravitelj od Rockefeller Foundation, ter je predsednik in generalni direktor od Aspen Institute. Ni zanemarljiv podatek, da je Isaacson tudi elitni Rhoedes Scholar, kot je bilo omenjeno že prej, ter seveda tudi član od Council on Foreign Relations. Isaacson pa je bil tudi udeleženec od skrivne in vplivne Forstmann Little Conferences. In še bi lahko našteval.

Članica uprave od Washington Post je bila tudi Sorosova agentka in sredstvo ‘liberalne CIA’ Arianna Huffington; kot tudi John Elkann, ki prihaja iz pomembne Bilderberg družine Agnelli, in je tudi sam udeleženec od Bilderbergov in Sun Valley Meetings; Pierre Omidyar, ustanovitelj od eBay, pomemben financer ”liberalne CIA”, bil redni udeleženec od Clinton Global Initiative; Nicolas Berggruen, ki prihaja iz s strani Omidyarja financiranega Berggruen Institute; in še Eric Schmidt, član nadzornega odbora od Bilderberg Group, član od Trilateral Commission, udeleženec od Sun Valley Meetings, udeleženec od Forstmann Little Conferences, direktor od Google/Alphabet.

Povezave s CIA
Vse te Bezosove povezave jasno povedo, da je tesno povezan s CIA in NSA, saj je med drugim marca leta 2013 dobil $600 milijonov vredno pogodbo od CIA za obdobje 10ih let za oblakovno računalništvo (claud computing), ki bi predvsem CIA in NSA omogočala, da delita informacije in storitve na precej bolj enostaven način še z ostalimi ameriškimi obveščevalnimi službami. Tako ni presenetljivo, da nekaj mesecev kasneje, ko je Bezos delal na pogodbi s CIA, avgusta 2013 kupil Washington Post, ki velja za pomembno nacionalno varnostno sredstvo.
Bezos je ustanovitelj od vesoljsko raziskovalnega podjetja Blue Origin, nastalega leta 2000. V tem delovanju vesoljskega raziskovanja je skupaj z ostalimi člani liberalnega elite, kot sta Sir Richard Branson in pa s CIA/In-Q-Tel povezanim Elonom Muskom in njegovim projektom SpaceX, v katerega je vpleten tudi Peter Thiel. Vse to pa se ne dogaja brez podpore od ljudi iz državne varnosti. Kar samo še enkrat več dokazuje Postovo tesno povezavo s CIA in liberalnim establišmentom/skupino Bilderberg/Trilateral Commission, ki traja že nekaj desetletij.

Bezosove povezave

Bezos je še –

  • predsedujoči od The Business Council;
  • član od Business Roundtable;
  • bil častni govorec pri The Economic Club;
  • bil leta 2003 govorec pri TED Conferences;
  • redni udeleženec od večerje milijarderjev pri Edge Foundation;
  • bil leta 1998 govorec pri Commonwealth Club of California;
  • pogosti udeleženec od Gatesovega Microsoft CEO Summit;
  • bil govorec pri New Establishment Summit;
  • bil upravitelj od Institute for Advanced Studeis na Princeton University, katerega financer je bil tudi super elitni pedofil in član od Trilateral Commission Jeffrey Epstein; podpisnik pisma President Biden: You can be our Climate President. Leta 2002 je bil Bezos udeleženec od World Economic Forum, sicer kot udeleženec panela Connecting to consumers in uncertain times.

Progress and Freedom Foundation

Bezos se je leta 2002 kot glavni govorec udeležil še enega visoko-tehnološkega srečanja, in sicer šestega srečanja od Progress and Freedom Foundation v Aspenu. Podporniki od Progress and Freedom Foundation pa so bili leta 2010, ko je think tank prenehal delovati, zelo podobni tistim, ki so udeleženci od Sun Valley Meetings

»AT&TCBS CorporationComcast Corporation … Cox Enterprises … DIRECTV … EMI Group … Entertainment Software Association … Experian … Intel Corporation Google Inc.Microsoft Corporation … National Cable & Telecommunications Association … NBC UniversalThe News Corporation LimitedOracle CorporationSony & BMG Music Entertainment, Inc. … Time Warner Inc. … Time Warner Cable … T-Mobile … USTelecom – The Broadband Association … VeriSign, Inc. … Verizon CommunicationsViacom Inc. … VivendiThe Walt Disney CompanyYahoo!«6

Forstmann Little Conferences

Bezos se je leta 2007 udeležil skrivne konference od Forstmann Little v Aspnu, katere nastanek sega v leta 1989. Konferenc od Forstmann Little so se udeleževali elitni politični novinarji iz vplivnih medijev, ki so del liberalnega establišmenta; najvidnejše osebje Rockefellerjeve klike iz liberalnega establišmenta; politiki; ter številni voditelji iz držav tretjega sveta.

Konference so se istočasno udeležili še top predstavniki liberalnega establišmenta – Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, Condrad Black, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Richard Clarke (anti-terrorist czar), George Tenet (CIA; Allen & Company), Sir Evelynn Forester de Rothschild (Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism), General Colin Powell, Eric Schmidt, Sandy Berger, John Doerr (Obama Foundation), Paul Bremer, Walter Isaacson (CNN; Time; Aspen Institute; Defense Innovation Advisory Board), senator John Glenn (Center for Strategic and International Studies), Steve Forbes, Peter Coors (vodilni predstavnik ”konservativne CIA”), Fred Thompson (American Enterprise Institute; CFR).
Pomembni medijski predstavniki – Steve Bornstein (NFL Network; Media Networks – Activision Blizzard; ESPN; ABC), Tina Brown (The Daily Beast – Barry Diller/ IAC/InterActive Corporation; Vanity Fair; The New Yorker; The Diana Chronicles), Leslie Moonvez (Viacom; CBS; Sun Valley Meetings), Jacqueline Leo (Good Morning America – ABC; The Readers Digest; The Fiscal Times), Tom Rogers (NBC; CNBC Cable; History Channel; MSNBC; National Geographic Channel; TiVo), Brian Williams (Nightly News – NBC; MSNBC), Oprah Winfrey (top sredstvo liberalnega establišmenta; dobra Obamova kolegica).
Pomembni poslovneži in ostali – Richard Branson (pomemben financer ”liberalne CIA”), Mag Whitman (eBay; DreamWorks; Walt Disney; Hewlett Packard; Procter & Gamble; General Motors; Sun Valley Meetings), Denis Cortese (Mayo Clinic; RAND Corporation; Arizona State University), Michael Dell (Dell Technologies; Sun Valley Meetings), Robert Kraft (New England Patriots), Dara Khosrowshahi (Uber; The New York Times Company;;; Sun Valley Meetings), Ariel Zev Emanuel (Endeavor Talent Agency; Endeavor – $400 milijonov vredna pogodba s Savdsko Arabijo; njegova stranka je bil Donald Trump), George Lucas (The Giving Pledge), David Neeleman (WestJet; JetBlue Airways; Azul Brazilian Airlines; TAP Air Portugal), guverner Mark Sanford, Monika Seles, Wayne Gretzky, Dan Snyder (Washington Redskins), Roger Staubach (NFL).
Predstavniki držav tretjega sveta – Benazir Bhutto, Nelson Mandela (sredstvo liberalnega establišmenta), jordanska kraljica Noor, vodja Kurdistana Jalal Talabani.

Breakthrough Energy Coalition

Poleg tega je Bezos član od Breakthrough Energy Coalition, ki je bila ustanovljena leta 2015. Njen nastanek je bil oznanjen na COP21, leto dni kasneje pa je bil ustanovljen Breakthrough Energy Fund, ki je imel okoli $1 milijardo sredstev, preko katerega se investira v Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Vodilni investitorji poleg Bezosa so –
John Arnold (Laura & John Arnold Foundation – top financer ”liberalne CIA”); Savdski princ Alwaleed bin Talal; Marc Benioff (do nedavna investitor); Michael Bloomberg; Richard Branson (Forstmann Little); Ray Dalio (Bridgewater Associates); John Doerr (Obama Foundation; Forstmann Little Foundation); Bill Gates; Reid Hoffman; Chris Hohn (Children’s Investment Fund Foundation; pomemben financer od Extinction Rebellion); Tobias Lütke & Fiona McKean (Shopify); Jack Ma (Alibaba); Aditya Mittal (ArcelorMittal); Dustin Moskovitz & Cari Tuna (Good Ventures – del ”liberalne CIA”); Patrice Motsepe (African Rainbow Minerals); Hasso Plattner (SAP); Julian Robertson (Tiger Management); David Rubenstein (predsedujoči od CFR; Carlyle Group); George Soros (do nedavna investitor; Sun Valley Meetings); Masayoshi Son (SoftBank Group Corp.); Mark Zuckerberg (do nedavna investitor; Sun Valley Meetings); Meg Whitman (do nedavna investitor; Forstmann Little).

»A day before the start of the United Nations climate talks in Paris, Bill Gates is announcing the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, a group of more than 20 billionaires who have agreed to invest in innovative clean energy. “Our primary goal with the Coalition is as much to accelerate progress on clean energy as it is to make a profit,” Gates says in a post on his website. … Other prominent members of the coalition include founder and CEO Jeff Bezos«7


Bezos je svetovalec in investitor od Mark43, kjer so skupaj z njim še General David Petraeus (CIA; CFR; KKR); igralka Sophia Bush; Ashton Kutcher (sredstvo ”liberalne CIA”); Vance Serchuk (CFR; KKR; Center for a New American Security; American Enterprise Institute; Washington Post; Fulbright Scholar); Ray Rothrock (Team8; Venrock – Rockefeller); Catherine B. Reynolds (Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation; General Dynamics); Tom Eisenmann (Harvard Business School); Jonathan Smidt (CFR; KKR; ex-Goldman Sachs; ex Ernst & Young; Energy Future Holdings Corp.; Laureate Education, Inc.).

Partnerske organizacije od Mark 43 so –

»Spark Capital … General Catalyst [Kenneth Chenault – CFR; American Express, Bloomberg Philanthropies; Human Centered Artificial Intelligence Institute Advisory Council – Stanford University; Porter Boyce – Mark43; Paul Sagan – ProPublica; Larry Bohn – Mark43] … Goldman Sachs [CFR] … Goctech Fund … [partnerji – Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, First Round Capital, BMW Group, NYSERDA, Roosevelt Institute; KKR, Salesforce, Alphabet] … Allen & Company [CIA; Sun Valley Meetings; Trilateral Commission, Coca-Cola] … Innovation Endeavor … Svangel«8; dostop 20.6.2021

Village Global

Bezos je investitor od leta 2017 ustanovljenega investicijskega omrežja Village Global, za katerega se zdi, da je bolj kot ne ”podružnica” od Sun Valley Meetings/CFR/Trilateral Commission/CIA.

Poleg Bezosa so investitorji še Bill Gates (Sun Valley Meetings); Mark Zuckerberg (Sun Valley Meetings); Reid Hofman (Sun Valley Meetings); Abby Johnson (Sun Valley Meetings; Fidelity Investments – top financer ”liberalne CIA”; Booz Allen Hamilton – NSA); Bob Iger (Sun Valley Meetings; Walt Disney Co. – top propagandist ”liberalne CIA”); Michael Dell (Sun Valley Meetings; Forstmann Little Conferences); Eric Schmidt (Sun Valley Meetings; Forstmann Little Conferences); Eric Yuan (Zoom; Sun Valley Meetings); Anne Wojcicki (23andMe; Sun Valley Meetings); Jerry Yang (Yahoo!; Sun Valley Meetings); John W. Thompson (Microsoft; Golden State Warriors; Symantec Corp.; Illumina Inc.); Erwine Magic Johnson; Judy Estrin (Cisco – del od CFR; FedEx Corporation; Walt Disney Co.); Kenneth Chenault (American Express; Berkshire Hathaway – Warren Buffett; Boule); Ben Silbermann (Pinterest – Sun Valley Meetings); Dan Gilbert (Rock Ventures; Cleveland Cavaliers; The Giving Pledge); Robert A. Kotick (Activision Blizzard; The Coca-Cola Company; Yahoo!; Sun Valley Meetings); Mike Fries (World Economic Forum; The Paley Center for Media); Alfonso de Angoitia (Grupo Televisa, S.A.; Sun Valley Meetings); Sara Blakely (Spanx; Sun Valley Meetings; njen mentor je Richard Branson).

Najvidnejša člana od Featured Network Leaders od Village Global sta John Donahoe (Nike; Bain & Company; The Bridgespan Group; PayPal; Sun Valley Meetings); Adrienne Harris (Posebna pomočnica Baracka Obame; Aspen Institute; Sullivan and Cromwell LLP; Brunswick Group).

Defense Innovation Advisory Board

Bezos je bil leta 2015 povabljen za člana od Defense Innovation Advisory Board, katerega ustanovni predsedujoči je bil leta 2016 Eric Schmidt; člani pa (bili) Reid Hoffman, Admiral William McRaven, Walter Isaacson, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Marne Levine (Instagram), Milo Medin (Google), Richard Murray (Caltech), Daniela Rus (MIT).
Bezos, glede na to, da je lastnik pomembne nacionalne medijske organizacije, ni hotel varnostnega potrdila in tako je ostal brez mesta v svetovalni upravi. Trumpov sekretar za obrambo James Mattis si je zelo prizadeval, da bi Bezos prišel v upravo, in se z njim tudi osebno sestal.9 Kljub temu pa Bezos ostaja tesno povezan s Pentagonom. Zaradi tega so sredi leta 2018 American Civil Liberties Union10 in ostala sredstva ”liberalne CIA” ”izrazile” veliko zaskrbljenost, ker je Bezos, v glavnem na skrivaj, prodajal svoj visoko tehnološki softver za prepoznavanje obrazov Recognition, ameriški vladi. Tukaj je zaskrbljujoče to, da se bo v prihodnosti ta vrste softver omogočal vladi za sledenje vseh državljanov po celi državi v realnem času.

The Coalition for the American Dream

Bezos pa je tudi podpisnik pisem Donaldu Trumpu, od leta 2017 nastale pro-migrantske The Coalition for the American Dream, ki je koalicija poslovnih, trgovinskih združenj in ostalih skupin, za zaščito Dreamerjev pred deportacijo. Ostali pomembnejši podpisniki so bili še –

»Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President and CEO, IBM Corporation … Thomas J. Donohue – President and CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce … Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO, Facebook; Brad Smith, President, Microsoft Corporation; Tim Cook, CEO, Apple … Alex Gorsky, Chairman, Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, Johnson & Johnson; Hans Vestberg, Chief Executive Officer, Verizon Communications; Jay Timmons, President and CEO, National Association of Manufacturers; Randall Stephenson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, AT&T … James L. Dinkins, President, Coca-Cola North America; Hubert Joly, Chairman and CEO, Best Buy Co., Inc.; Chip Bergh, President and Chief Executive Officer, Levi Strauss & Co. … Drew Houston, Founder & CEO, Dropbox; Doug McMillon, President and CEO Walmart Inc.; Alfred F. Kelly, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Visa Inc. … Antonio Neri, President and CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Elie W. Maalouf, CEO, The Americas, InterContinental Hotels Group; Hikmet Ersek, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director, The Western Union Company … Stephen A. Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder, Blackstone; Devin Wenig, President and CEO, eBay … Marc Benioff, Co-CEO and Chairman, Salesforce; Keith Block, Co-CEO, Salesforce; Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google; Lars Petersson, President & CEO, IKEA North America Services, LLC … Mary Barra, Chairman and CEO, General Motors; Dan Schulman, President and CEO, PayPal; Jack Dorsey, CEO, Twitter and Square; Julie Sweet, Chief Executive Officer – North America, Accenture … Shantanu Narayen, Chairman, President and CEO, Adobe Inc. … Robert (Bob) H. Swan, CEO, Intel; Kevin Johnson, President & Chief Executive Officer, Starbucks Coffee Company … Ajay Banga, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mastercard … Dion Weisler, President & Chief Executive Officer, HP Inc. … Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO, Uber Technologies, Inc.; Chuck Robbins, CEO, Cisco Systems; Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook; Brian Chesky, Co-Founder, CEO and Head of Community, Airbnb … Don Graham, Chairman, Graham Holdings … Todd Schulte, President, … John Doerr, Venture Capitalist … Penny Pritzker, Chairman, PSP Partners … Ali Noorani, National Immigration Forum … Lester Crown, Chairman, Henry Crown and Company … Mary Sue Coleman, President, Association of American Universities«11

Bezos Earth Fund

Bezos je ustanovitelj in financer od Bezos Earth Fund, ki je nastal kot ”odziv” na Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, ki je seveda del ”liberalne CIA”. Bezos Earth Fund ima začetnih $10 milijard sredstev, ki jih je zagotovil Bezos.

Člani uprave prako tako tesno povezani z liberalno super elito in ”liberalno CIA” –

  • Lauren Sánchez – podpredsedujoča od Bezos Earth Fund; Bezosova partnerka.
  • Andrew Steer – predsednik in generalni direktor od Bezos Earth Fund; bil predsednik in generalni direktor od World Resources Institute; je Global Agenda Trustee za World Economic Forum; član od China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development; so-predsedujoči od Climate Change Committee za HSBC; član svetovalnega odbora od Bank of America (del od CFR); član od Sustainable Advisory Groups od IKEA; govorec pri TED Conferences; bil govorec pri Faith Angle Forum (Elliott Abrams; Anne Applebaum; Arthur C. Brooks; David Brooks; Christopher Hitchens; Bruce Hoffman – RAND Corporation; Samuel Huntington; Vali Nasr; Kathleen Newland – Migration Policy Institute) – Ethics & Public Policy Center.
  • Charlotte Pera – pod-predsednica za strategijo in programe pri Bezos Earth Fund; predsednica in generalna direktorica od ClimateWorks Foundation; bila direktorica ameriških programov od Energy Foundation, ki je pomemben del ”liberalne CIA” in Obamova administracije; preko Energy Foudnation pomagala pri ustanovitvi European Climate Foundation; članica uprave od System Initiative on Shaping the Future of Environment and Natural Resource Security – World Economic Forum; članica globalnega svetovalnega odbora od Women and the Green Economy, ki spada pod ”Rockefellerjev” Earth Day Network.
  • Danielle Deane-Ryan – direktorica za Equitable Climate Solutions pri Bezos Earth Fund; bila vodja od Inclusive Clean Economy Program pri Nathan Cummings Foundation (del ”liberalne CIA”); v Obamovi administraciji je bila višja svetovalka na ministrstvu za energijo; ustanovila New Constituencies for Environmental Program pri William & Flora Hewlett Foundation; vodila Commission to Engage African Americans on Energy, Climate Change, and the Environment pri Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies (emeriti član John D. Wolfensohn); višja svetovalka od Libra Foundation; bila leta 2021 govornica pri s strani Sorosa, Davida Rockefellerja in Paula Volckerja ustanovno financiranega Institute for New Economic Thinking.
  • Eda Lee – izvršna asistentka in posebna projektna koordinatorka pri Bezos Earth Fund; bila izvršna asistentka direktorja od World Resources Institute; bila administrativna asistentka pri United Nations Foundation; bila praktikantka pri UN Women.
  • Kelly Levin – glavna znanstvenica za Data and Systems Change pri Bezos Earth Fund; bila višja sodelavka za klimatski program pri World Resources Institute; pisala za Earth Negotiations Bulletin.
  • Fiona McRaith – posebna asistenkta pri Bezos Earth Fund; delala za World Resources Institute; bila Youth Representative od Alliance for Climate Education.
  • Rohit T. Aggarwala – Fellow od Bezos Earth Fund; bil vodja pri Bloomberg Associates; bil posebni svetovalec od Michaela Bloomberga pri C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group; bil programski vodja za okolje pri Bloomberg Philabthropies; delal za McKinsey & Co.; pridruženi profesor za mednarodne in javne zadeve na Columbia University.
  • Tom Rivett Carnac – Fellow od Bezos Earth Fund; s Christino Figueres so-ustanovitelj Global Optimism; svetoval pri Google X; bil politični strateg pri UN za pariški sporazum; ustanovni partner pri Climate Pledge v partnerstvu z Amazonom; bil govorec pri TED Conferences.
  • Carole Excell – svetovalka za okoljsko pravičnost pri Bezos Earth Fund; direktorica od Environmental Democracy Practice pri World Resources Institute; članica uprave od People Powered: Global Hub for Participatory Democracy (del ”liberalne CIA”).

Miguel (Mike) Bezos

Z liberalnim establišmentom pa je povezan tudi Bezosov krušni oče, Miguel (Mike) Bezos, ki je upravitelj od super elitnega Aspen Insitute, ter upravitelj od National Constitution Center, s katerim so povezani Doug DeVos, Joe Biden, George H. W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Bill Clinton, David Rubenstein in Sandra Day O’Connor.

Miguel Bezos pa je tudi ustanovni član uprave od New Classrooms Innovation Partners for Learning, ki je financiran tudi s strani fundacij ”liberalne CIA”, kot so –

»$1 million or more … Bezos Family FoundationBill & Melinda Gates FoundationCarnegie Corporation of New YorkChan Zuckerberg Education InitiativeMichael & Susan Dell FoundationOak FoundationRobin Hood Foundation … The Moriah Fund … $250 or more in the 2019 fiscal year … Barr FoundationBloomberg PhilanthropiesCrown Family Philanthropies«12

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